There are many reasons why the Canadian consulate may refuse your immigration application. There are many typical inherent red flag rules which the government may view and refuse your application.

Understanding all the Canadian legal mechanisms, laws and procedures, is important in succeeding in the immigration appeal process.

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Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)

Even though a visa officer refuses to issue a visa, for entry to Canada, that is not a final decision.

The Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) hears appeals on immigration matters such as:

  • Sponsorship appeals (refusal outside Canada)
  • Removal order appeals (a permanent resident with a removal order to leave Canada)
  • Residency obligation appeals ( permanent residents abroad with unfulfilled PR obligations)
  • Minister’s appeals

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When determining an effective Canadian Immigration Appeal strategy for a client, we evaluate the individual’s eligibility by studying every aspect of your case, i.e: weaknesses and strengths. In addition, we help and guide the client in obtaining the necessary paperwork and documents that are required to complete the process. We strive to determine the best immigration appeal strategy to assist our clientthrough the complex appeal process. Please contact us for more details.

As professionals in the area of Canadian immigration law, procedure and process, we advice and help our clients to undertake immigration appeals for best possible results.