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With the Covid-19 pandemic still ravaging different parts of the world, travel restrictions in Canada are still in effect. The Canadian government had put some rules and restrictions in place that may have affected the normal procedure for getting a Canadian visitor visa.

  • Travel Restrictions in Canada

Due to the pandemic, there are travel restrictions in some parts of the world and Canada is not left out.

To prevent the further spread of the deadly virus, Canada has put travel restrictions across its borders.

Applications are still being received for the Canadian visitor visa, but the processing time takes longer and entry into Canada is not guaranteed. To be eligible for consideration you need to be a fully vaccinated traveller and then meet all the other eligibility requirements. Find out if you are eligible to enter Canada.

The restrictions are now slowly being lifted so this will hasten the process up a little bit more. All covid-19 measures and protocols must be taken care of with proof before you will be granted the opportunity to enter Canada.

  • Canada is prioritizing Immediate and Extended Families

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