Canadian Visitor Visa

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There are different Canadian visitor visas available and it is important to know which one you need based on what you are travelling for.

Family reunification remains one of the pillars of Canadian immigration programs. Along with that, Canada is packed with amazing tourist attractions and business opportunities; it’s a country whose borders are always open to welcome visitors. To visit Canada the first thing you need is a visitor visa, a document that shows that you are eligible to enter Canada.

Who is considered a visitor?

Visitors are persons who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada and are legally authorized to enter Canada to:

  • Visit Canada on holiday (vacation)
  • Visit family,
  • Conduct business.

Visitor visa to Canada

Types of Canadian Visitor Visas

  1. Family Visits

This is the most popular type of Canadian visitor visa. It allows the holder to stay in Canada for six months at once for as long as the visa remains valid. This visa is for people who are not citizens or visa-exempt but want to visit their family in Canada. These visas are usually multiple Canadian multiple entries and can be valid for as long as a decade. Its duration is dependent on the issuing visa officer.

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