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Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

If you’re a foreigner and are thinking about applying for a Canadian work permit then you should be familiar with the Labor market impact assessment. If you are not, let us tell you all about it! The Labor market impact assessment is also called a confirmation letter; it is a document that a Canadian employer may need to get before hiring you as a temporary foreign worker.

A labor market impact assessment is meant to show that a foreign worker is needed to fill the job position. It is also supposed to show that no Canadian permanent resident or citizen is available to fill that position. You can only apply for a work permit once your employer gets an approved labor market impact assessment. The employer will also need to apply for an LMIA and wait for it to be approved before giving it to you.

Not every foreigner needs a labor market impact assessment document, although some Canadian work permits are LMIA exempt most of them require it before your application can be processed.

Who needs a Labor Market Impact Assessment?

If you do not have a temporary work permit and you are a temporary foreign worker, your employer to be would need to get you a labor market impact assessment ( LMIA). If you’re a foreign worker already working in Canada, you may also need an LMIA if

1. You get a job offer from a Canadian employer that is different from the one on your current work permit.
2. You have an open work permit that is not linked to any employer.
3. If you’re authorized to come work in Canada without a work permit, for example as a business visitor.

The salary for temporary foreign workers is classified into Low Wage and High Wage. If you’re gunning for a high-wage position, your employer would need to submit a transition plan along with the labor market impact assessment application. This is so that your employer can prove that they plan to reduce their reliance on foreign workers.

Low-wage jobs do not require the submission of a transition plan, however, there is a limit to the number of foreign temporary workers the business can employ. The labor market impact assessment depends on the position offered to you by your employer, the region where the job will be located, and the specific employer.

After you have obtained a labor market impact assessment for a particular job, you cannot change the job or the employer and you cannot move to another region in Canada. If you eventually need to do any of these you would need a new labor market impact assessment.

The burden of applying for an LMIA does not rest on your shoulder if you’re a temporary foreign worker. Rather the burden rests on the shoulders of your employer to be. Your proposed employer is in charge of applying and handing over to you the labor market assessment document. The LMIA number and the copy of the document are what you require for your work permit application.

Similarly, If you are a Canadian employer And Want To Hire Foreign Workers, LMIA Might Be The Right Option For You. A Positive LMIA Will Show That There Is A Need For A Foreign Worker To Fill A Specific Job, As There Is No Canadian Worker Available To Do That Job.

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