Canada Immigration Services

Canada is ranked as one of the top countries in the world to reside. People apply for immigration to Canada for innumerable opportunities for themselves and their families. Canada’s excellent career opportunities, living standards , social and health benefits are the primary reasons that people from all over the world consider migrating to Canada.

The Canadian government, Federal and Provincial, are constantly updating and upgrading the different immigration programs and eligibility requirements. These updates are generally confusing for the prospective applicants and if not followed could land them with a failed immigration attempt.

Our mission is to simplify the immigration process for you, in what is perhaps the most important decision of your life.

Swift Immigration Solutions is a full service immigration firm that offers a complete range of services . With years of combined experience in immigration, business , sales and consultancy – our services encompass all aspects of immigration related matters. From the initial free assessment of your candidacy to immigrate, to the detailed processing of your application, to preparing you for your pre-arrival interview right up to the issuance of your Visa, WE DO IT ALL !!!

Our Services Do Not Stop There!! Once you have arrived into the country, we also provide full settlement services too. We are committed to help and provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to settling down, accessing the array of complimentary government services and community supports and if need be, help you secure a full time job.

Our Service Commitment:

When you retain our services, we as an immigration consultancy firm will assist you through all the procedures of the immigration by following the listed guidelines:

  • Identify and evaluate your eligibility under the most suitable option for Canadian immigration
  • Initiate the legal process by completing the required application forms and documents
  • Professionally advise you on the necessary steps to meet the legal requirements
  • Communicating and /or following up with the Visa office, on your behalf
  • Preparing you for your personal interview (if and when required) with the Visa office

Our mission is to always be professionally approachable , available, responsive, trustworthy and communicative with our clients and be your voice to address the Canadian immigration law and authorities.