Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has introduced new “Parent & Grandparent Super Visa in tandem with other measures, to ensure faster family reunification.”

Super Visa is a multiple- entry visa which is valid upto 10 yrs and will allow the applicant to remain in Canada for upto 24 months at a time without the need for renewal of their status. According to CIC, visas will be issued, on average, within 8 weeks of the application.

Eligibility Criteria for Super Visa

  • Be a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Be found admissible to Canada
  • Provide an invitation from the Canadian host
  • Purpose of the visit
  • Provide a written commitment of financial support from their child or grandchild
  • Prove that they have bought Canadian Medical Insurance coverage for atleast 1 year
  • Complete an immigration medical exam