Investor Program For Canada

This program’s objective is to attract people with capital to migrate to Canada and promote economic development and employment in different provinces and territories. Following are the Requirements of Investor Program for Canada

An investor is a foreign national who:

  • Has business experience – 2 years
  • Has a legally obtained net worth of at least $16,00,000
  • Indicates in writing to an officer that they intend to or have made an investment of $8,00,000 CDN
  • Indicates a personal net worth which includes both business and personal assets and liabilities of the applicant as well as those of the spouse or the common-law partner

Your investment is managed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and used by the federal government to create jobs and promote economic growth.

CIC returns your $8,00,000 Cad. Investment, without interest, about five years and two months after payment

Free Assessment Form for Federal Immigrant Investor Program

Business Immigration Assessment Form

This information is provided under the terms of strict confidentiality agreements and your information will not be shared, sold or rented by other parties without your permission.

Your Contact Information
Your Personal Profile
Your Personal Net Worth
Your Personal Net Worth is the current value of all the assets (e.g. properties, investments, stocks, bonds, bank accounts) that you (and your spouse/common-law partner, if applicable) personally own, MINUS the current value of all your combined personal liabilities (e.g. mortgages, loans, credit card balances).
Please be sure to include your share of the value of any businesses that you own.
Your Management Experience
Your Management Experience may have been gained in a private or public business, international agency, government or government department, professional practice, or farming.
During any two of the last five years:
Do you have management experience?
Have you owned a business?
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