Canadian Experience Class

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If you’re looking to become a permanent resident in the friendly nation of Canada, there are many different ways to do that. “Canadian Experience Class” is one of the most effective and express methods of becoming a Canadian permanent resident. This method is for you if you are a skilled worker who has worked in Canada for over one year. The Canadian government is always looking for ways to improve its economy and increase the number of skilled workers in the country, CEC is one way to do that.

The Canadian Experience Class is one of the express entry methods managed by the federal government of Canada. To apply for permanent residency through this program you must have already created an online express entry profile. Based on the personal information you provided during your application, you will be ranked under the CRS-  The Comprehensive Ranking System.

To be eligible for this permanent residency program you must meet certain work and language requirements. This method is not for people who are looking to live in Quebec, because they have their own method of selecting skilled workers. If you’re applying through this method, it means you’re ready to leave for other Canadian provinces.

Canadian experience class

Requirements for Canadian Experience Class

  • Language

To be eligible to apply for the Canadian Experience Class you have to be tested on different language abilities and meet the needed language level. Only IELTS(English), CELPIP (English), TEF (French), and TCF(French) are approved by the IRCC for express entry applications.

The language abilities to be tested are: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. If you’re able to prove your language abilities in both French and English then your points under the CRS will be even higher.

  • Work

Your work experience is an important factor when you’re applying for a Canadian experience class. You must have worked full-time in Canada for at least 12 months or part-time for 24 months. Part-time work can also qualify if it reaches the amount of at least one year of full-time work.

You must have authorization to work before your work experience will be eligible. Any work experience gained when you were a full-time student does not count in this application. Personal work experience is also unacceptable. Your work experience must be in any  NOC O, A, or B jobs. Your work experience doesn’t have to come from one job, it can be from two or more jobs as long as you have authorization and it was a skilled position.

  • Education

Canadian Experience Class does not have any special requirements for education. Although it’s not a requirement, you can take things up a notch by proving your level of education. Doing this gives you additional CRS points that will improve your ranking in the express pool. If you’re worried about having a foreign certificate, you can also get your points by getting an ECA-Educational Credential Assessment. Doing this will increase your chances of being invited by the IRCC.

These are the basic requirements for applying for permanent residency through the Canadian experience class. If you’re certain this is how you want to apply for your permanent residency, you need to make sure you meet these eligibility requirements before applying. If you get invited, you would need to provide medical, and security background checks and submit a formal E-application. It’s better to have these on the ground even before the invitation comes so that when it does you won’t meet any unplanned hurdles or delays.