PNP; The New Way for Immigration to Canada

PNP, Swift Immigration

PNP; The New Way for Immigration to Canada:- Canada has many opportunities available for anyone interested in building a life in the beautiful country. Each year, they expect to welcome thousands of visitors anticipating permanent residence in a new country. All of them with different goals and reasons as to why they need to immigrate.
While some are in a search of fertile ground, others are in need of a reason to hold onto life. Whatever the case may be, the new and easiest way for immigration to Canada is through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).
The provincial nominee program allows provinces in Canada to select individuals looking to move to Canada and gain permanent residence.

How Does the Provincial Nominee Program Work?
The choice of method of application depends on the Provincial Nominee Program stream. For the Express Entry system, you would need to create an Express Entry profile, hand over necessary documents, and make it into the Express Entry pool. The different provinces will nominate and send a Notification of interest (NOI) to whomever they select.
We are not finished yet. You will need to forward an Expression of interest (EOI) to the Express Entry stream. An alternative is to check for a PNP of choice and apply for nomination. As part of the process, individuals will be required to take a medical examination, language testing, submit a police certificate, and have educational credentials ready.
The Non- Express Entry system or paper-based application system looks through eligibility criteria before making a selection. All applications are selected and evaluated based on the points and requirements of the territory or province. Once selected, individuals receive nomination letters. There is still more work to be done, selected individuals will submit a request for Permanent Residency to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Advantages of Provincial Nominee Program Over Other Immigration Pathways.
The Provincial Nominee Program makes immigration easy. It ensures your immigration visa is processed with immediate effect. The Provincial Nominee Program also qualifies an applicant for Permanent Resident (PR) in Canada. There are over 80 Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada you can apply for. However, Quebec and Nunavut have different consensus with the government and employ different immigration models. Many Immigrants took benefit of PNP; The New Way for Immigration to Canada already.

Cost of Migrating to Canada through a Provincial Nominee Program
The cost of Immigrating to Canada depends on the province you decide to immigrate to. Some provinces charge an extra fee for processing while some others do not charge any
processing fees. On average, it costs about CAD 2,300- CAD 3,800 to immigrate through a Provincial Nominee Program.
Moving to Canada is not as complicated as you think. All provinces and territories in Canada require immigrants with quality work experience or skills. As long as you can meet the specific needs of the economic and educational system, and do your applications the right way you will be on the next flight to Canada in no time.
Having relevant professional experience gives you a cutting edge over other individuals looking to relocate. Keep in mind that before you can get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) you must meet the province’s various eligibility requirements for education, skills or value, and language proficiency. Visit and apply for PNP; The New Way for Immigration to Canada.