Settling in Canada as an Immigrant

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Settling in Canada as an Immigrant

You have received the long-awaited letter saying that you have been approved for your study visa, work
permit, PR application or else, and you are planning to come to Canada. As exciting as it sounds,
immigrating to a new country can bring a lot of stress and uncertainties. One way to ease those
preoccupations is to prepare for your arrival and new life. Today we are going to give you a few tips on
how to be successful in settling in Canada as an immigrant.

1- Do some research
Internet is your best friend, do some research on the areas you are planning to move to; Schools,
transportation, grocery stores etc. Knowing the environment in which you are going to leave can help
alleviate some of the worries you may have around security, accessibility or prices.

2- Create a SIN number
Creating a SIN number is a crucial part of settling in Canada. A SIN number is a unique identification
number that will be the base of everything you need to do. Health cards, applying for jobs, Opening bank
accounts and more. From a permanent resident to a Canadian citizen, to an international student, they
will all need a SIN number. Applying for a SIN number will also help you benefit from any government
program there may be.

3- Open a bank account
A bank account will help you manage everything on the financial aspect of your arrival. Choosing the
right bank to meet your needs is essential. Although most banks will offer the same services, things like
fees or interest rates can make a big difference in the life of a new immigrant. Do some research and
make a decision based on what you need for your future.
You should also apply for a credit card and start building your credit history. Most banks have pre-
approved credit cards for new immigrants in Canada.

4- Get to know your community
Once you have landed, and have figured out your basic needs. You can start getting to know your
community better. What are activities that interest you that you could participate in, what is the closest
library, are there online groups that discuss topics in your area etc. Getting to know your community will
increase your sense of belonging. As you get more settled in, you will also be making friends that will
share the same interests as you

5- Get help from newcomer organizations
Canada has put in place many organizations that help new immigrants to settle in. whether, through
employment services or child care, there are people out there willing to help you settle in.

6- Focus on the goal, look forward not back
Leaving everything behind and starting a new life is never easy. You will miss your home and your
family, but you need to focus on the bigger picture. Having that mindset will help you transition better.

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