TR to PR – Canada immigration to reveal new details about the program

TR to PR

Short for the temporary residents to permanent residents (TR To PR), this program first introduced in 2021 is a way for Canada to keep temporary workers already in Canada and give them access to permanent residency.

Recently, the Canadian immigration minister Mr. Sean Fraser announced the government’s engagement in continuing this program to help create faster pathways to the permanent residents for temporary workers. Further details about the program will be given on September 2020.

A recap of TR to PR in 2021

On April 2021, IRCC announced the temporary resident to permanent resident pathway (TR to PR pathway). This new program allowed over 90 000 people from essential workers to recent graduates to apply for permanent residency.  Below are the different streams available in this pathway

Workers in Canada: health care 20 000
Workers in Canada: essential, non-healthcare 30 000
Recent international graduates from a Canadian institution 40 000
French-speaking workers in Canada: health care Unlimited
French-speaking workers in Canada: essential, non-healthcare Unlimited
French-speaking recent international graduates from a Canadian institution Unlimited

Only the recent international graduate stream has been filled out. However, The Pathway closed on November 5th, 2021 and no more applications are being accepted

To know more about the TR to PR pathway visit the government of Canada’s website for eligibility.

What to expect from the new TR to PR in 2022

  • More streams targeting temporary workers
  • Streams for international students
  • The new program will become permanent with no cap on the number of applicants
  • Education will be prevailed

The parliament has mandated Mr. Sean Fraser to come up with a new program on permanent residency for foreign temporary workers and international students, which was first supposed to be revealed on September 8th. The date has been pushed to September 20th, and we can’t wait to hear about this new pathway.

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